Scanning Made Easy

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With our business process management software, we’ve made integration with scanners and multi-function printers a breeze. With a quick press of a button you’re able to capture the document, extract all of the information, and then route the document wherever it needs to go. Document Capture Automation can help you become more efficient and productive. You can even use your scanning device to scan to a hot folder or even pick a folder in your content management system to scan to directly.

Having those documents scanned in and in one central location makes solving common business pain points so much easier. Document management is one of the easiest ways to collaborate with your colleagues because it is in that one location. Search functionality and workflow automation keep your documents at your fingertips wherever you are. Save time that equates to money by having all of your documents properly filed in your electronic content management system.

Need tight security to ensure your business is compliant? With sign on technology integrated with active directory and a complete audit trail of the documents, you have absolute control. You even have insight to the documents that are following through with their workflows. With the correct permissions, you can even make important information not appear for an extra layer of protection.

To find out how to take scanning your information to the next level, contact the Pros today!


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