Solution Pros offer a full gamut of products for capturing your documents and extracting data off your documents while automating the entire process through a workflow for greater productivity. Contact us today to find out more about how we can improve the way you do business.


Solution Pros The award-winning GlobalSearch® software enables organizations to manage business more efficiently by taking document processes digital. This simplifies the capture, retrieval, and distribution of your most important business information.

Using GlobalSearch® delivers access to your documents anywhere and at any time. You can even use it from any mobile device. GlobalSearch keeps processes consistent and your team productive, while offering the same power and capabilities as the desktop client.

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Solution Pros Quickly and easily create custom web forms through a highly intuitive drag and drop web platform with a user-friendly look and feel. With decorators and test views, forms are easily formatted within desktops, tablets and smartphones.

When a form is filled out and submitted, collected data can be automatically repopulated onto other forms, streamlining the entry of repetitive information. This includes populating data onto a PDF without the need for an Adobe® license.

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Solution Pros GlobalAction is the solution for document centric workflow automation that enables users to map their document activities from data capture to document archival for complete visibility. Content Services that redefines organizational efficiency with workflows that enforce business rules.

GlobalAction features a fully web-based design platform that can be viewed in any web browser and accessed from both PC and Mac devices. It also provides greater visualization of the entire process, no matter where you are, making it easy to create, troubleshoot, or revise your business workflows.

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Solution Pros Designed to capture, validate and classify high volumes of multi-formatted documents, GlobalCapture converts valuable data into actionable information, allowing you to work with a greater level of intelligence.

Looking to quickly identify the critical information in your business documents? GlobalCapture takes that information and turns it into intelligence, transforming documents into usable data that provides insight, drives efficiency, and lets you make smarter decisions.

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