Planning and Monitoring

In order to run a successful business you need to have a plan. That plan needs to be organized and it also needs to be in a secure location. In a Business Process Management Solution your important documents are safe, secure, and can only be accessed with the right credentials.

Seeing as how our Business Process Management Solution has built in security, only the right people with the granted access can actually see those important documents. Using Active Directory the user doesn’t need to add additional user names and passwords. By logging into their device they’ve activated their specific license.

Being able to monitor the documents within the system is a key component in security. Having a built in audit trail to see where the documents are in each process is important in any business setting. It’ll show you if it’s stuck in a workflow, waiting on approval, and much more. Being able to have insight into your documents while being organized in one central location is a main priority for any business.

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