Integration with your Business Applications

To streamline your productivity and effectively deliver solutions to build your business you need a document management solution to keep your business organized. Having a process in place to drive efficiency through multiple departments by integrating existing or new pieces of software can help interdepartmental communication.

For example, to elevate your Accounting productivity, integration with your current QuickBooks® software is a seamless process. You would now have the ability to automate and increase accuracy with direct access to all your documents from anywhere at any time. Data only has to be entered at one point in time and is automatically shared with other applications.

Another application that can be integrated is Salesforce®. Account Name or ID, can be passed to an integrated search which will retrieve any applicable documents the user has access to within our business process management system. Need a workflow to trigger? Not a problem with Document Management Software on your side. Have documents routed to the right chain of command in order to get the right approvals.

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