Information Sharing with Business Process Management

With a process automation solution you can eliminate paper delivery, requesting written approval, searching through papers for correspondences. Process automation synchronizes you and your work, creating a platform for productive daily operations, easy collaboration, and increased quality. Your team’s work will be implemented better with the assistance of automating document-driven tasks from capture, to routing, escalation, and even tracking. Beyond record-keeping, automation manages complex business functions, such as accounting, human resources, and information sharing.

Accounts Payable automation captures invoices, purchase orders, and other critical business documentation through scanning, web forms or email, reducing risk of manual processing errors or lost data. Digital information extraction is efficient, creating a streamlined management process with a single point of access that saves time with simple retrieval. Documents are processed in tandem with existing accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics.

Human Resource departments will be able to provide real-time monitoring to ensure that employee processes are consistently on schedule. A full overview of outstanding and completed actions is available for user’s viewing, simplifying internal communication as all users have easy access to the information they need. It simplifies the hiring process by organizing interview scheduling, approvals, performance reviews, and setting reminders of post-hire activities including periodic evaluations, benefits activation, and credentialing.

Automation allows users to do more with fewer resources, reduces the time and costs of manual contract processes without waiting or following up. Business process automation facilitates intelligent queuing and routing, which allowing contracts to be sent to the right people. Implementing process automation solutions can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization.


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