How to Capture Automation

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Taking your documents from physical pieces of paper to electronic files can be a huge project, but it can save you time and money while improving your productivity in the future. With the use of capture automation, you can scan files to your Business Process Management system and then capture the data with the use of Optical Character Recognition or OCR.

Extract the important information that you need stored without lifting a finger. You can use templates for high volume and standardization in document formats and even set your Multi-functional Printer to help out with direct integration. Have the ability to capture data, separate it, classify it, and then release it, all from the touch panel on your Multi-functional Printer.

Once scanned and stored you have the tools to access those documents anywhere you see fit. Connect to your documents with the ease of a mobile solution to access your documents on the go. Have a workflow set up that sends you a document for approval? Don’t miss a beat with your mobile business process management system. Sign your name with your finger or stylus.

You can always add on to your business process management system. Don’t worry about reaching a limit of documents for storage or adding on another tool to your already robust system. The options are endless to getting you organized, streamlined, and to starting your journey on becoming more productive in your career.

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