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Most businesses have paperwork whether they would like it or not, which is always slowing down the work flow of their business. Most people know now that implementing a document management system they can help their businesses become more streamlined. Sometimes a simple document management system isn’t enough power to produce the amount of output some businesses need. Through business process management you can do more than just your simple scan, store, and retrieve. Now you can automate all of your processes through workflow, improve your employee on-boarding with electronic web forms, or even Optical Character Recognition to read and grab the information off of the document.

To get more out of your document management investment, pairing it with a multi-function device will provide you with more ways to be productive. Pairing it with a multi-function device will unlock the ability for integration directly with your document management system. Whether it’s scanning to a hot folder which triggers a workflow, scanning directly into the folder you need in your document management system, or setting up an OCR template in order to read all of the information automatically. This will save you all the headaches and errors of manual entry.

Once the documents are in the system, they need to be protected. With Active Directory authentication it’s always a secure access point into your document management system. Not only that, there is also a complete audit trail. Each time a document is touched, either by a user or a workflow, it is noted. Our solution will keep your business secure and compliant with your needs.

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