BPM and Back to School

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Each new school year, teachers and administrators strive to prepare a record filing system that is simultaneously organized, easily accessible, and secures private information. Educational establishments go through nearly 250,000 pieces of paper each year. That amount of paper alone costs $25,000, with additional expenses including maintenance, printing, and toner. However, schools don’t have to be burdened with these massive costs.

Not only does Business Process Management (BPM) software simplify teacher’s organizational responsibilities; it reduces costs, increases efficiency, and assists with monitoring classroom progress. Digital document technology eases administrative tasks by managing student and staff records, payroll records, board meeting documentation, and more. Key features of BPM software include administrator’s ability to create student portfolios through scanned or imported projects, quickly access report cards and transcripts, remote access to student documentation, and integration with student information systems.

BPM assists staff with managing their time by keeping track of tasks that need to be done. Automated emails send notifications of incomplete tasks, departmental productivity is tracked, and managing paperwork is monitored. Even with Business Process Management’s user-friendly accessibility, private information remains securely protected in compliance with FERPA regulations. Keeping all documentation centralized, including performance reviews, student records, or transcripts, improves efficiency, organization, accessibility, and security.

Business Process Management takes away administrative burdens, unnecessary costs, and organizational headaches so that educators can devote their resources to what they love—providing quality education for their students. If your educational establishment is looking to upgrade to a business process management system contact the experts at Solution Pros today!


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