Automation in Accounts Payable

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Whether you’re a one-person shop or have a team of 50, the Accounts Payable process is one of the most universal departments involved in most businesses. Given that the Accounts Payable department is in most business, it does contain some of the highest percentages of paper within the business. Why have stacks upon stacks of paper piled high when those documents can be scanned and stored into a manageable, central document repository.

Having a structured process can prevent a lot of mistakes made by human error and no company wants their financials to be mishandled. Business Process Management software can not only prevent human error, but also help organize your entire business. Getting a system to manage your paper world will help automate your invoice approvals/payments, visibility into your data entry, and be compliant in your business.

Have the documents in your hands at all times. Users have the files digitally to view from any mobile device from anywhere with an internet connection. Need a signature? Not a problem, sign with a mouse, fingertip, or stylus to ensure the documents have been completed. After signing you can escalate to the next in line or if the process is completed it will file itself.

Getting your vendors paid at the correct time is one of many keys to success in any business. With physical records it can be hard to track where your documents are located and what has been completed, but with a Business Process Management system it can prevent those issues from arising. Not only can you find the document easily, see the status of that document, but also see where the document has been through a complete audit trail.

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