An Award Winning BPM Strategy

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U.S. businesses spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually on printed forms that quickly become outdated. Is your office cluttered with papers, making it a hassle to find anything? Then it’s time for an organized, digital solution that will radically increase office efficiency while saving money for your organization.

Award winning Business Process Management (BPM) solutions help businesses increase their productivity, ensure business continuity, support regulatory compliance and build effective collaboration. BPM’s flexible system allows you to capture information from your printer, scanner, email server, or virtually any source. Capture Automation technology turns your information into usable, insightful data that helps you make more informed decisions.

BPM’s secure system digitally stores your high value documents. Its powerful tools can automatically extract information when needed, or share with other applications. Varying security access levels allows certain users the ability to view, edit, and organize documents.

Retrieving information is easy with BPM’s simple search functionality. Keywords, invoice number, barcode number, name, or address can help you quickly access your document or documents. Mobile access also enables you to efficiently work from anywhere, at any time.

Documents route automatically to a network location, or you can create a new folder based on extracted data. Automated email notifications will keep your users updated, and you can be sure data is being sent to the right individual. A user-friendly drag and drop platform allows you easily to organize your documents while providing an audit trail of views, edits, approvals, and more.

Business Process Management software integrates with your existing business programs. It is customizable to fit various departments, seamlessly releasing data between your BPM platform and the business programs your company uses most. Following this simple recipe will allow your business to eliminate paper processes, increase efficiency, and improve collaboration. Contact the professionals Today!!


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