About Us

About Us

With over 20 years of experience as Solution Consultants, Systems Developers and End Users, Solution Pros has evolved into a leading provider of extraordinary business strategy, development, and implementation for clients of any size, across all industries. We are a leading advisory and technology company that provides a competitive advantage that comes from best-of-class business software, services and unbiased advice.


About Us
We provide the tools that enable businesses to review, revise and refine operations and systems including their Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions. With an understanding of the organization’s processes, executives can be more aware and in control of the way information is handled, thus reducing the growth of ‘ad hoc’ spreadsheet silos.


  • Improve the use of Information Systems to enable business adaptability
  • Bridge the gap between business and Information Systems
  • Align organizational and Information Systems requirements, goals and deliverables
  • Improve the ability to manage Information Systems
  • Improve the agility of Information Systems

About Us
At Solution Pros our mission is to provide as much value as we can for our clients. We help to improve profitability, transform business processes and better manage customer relationships. Our promise of professionalism to each other, our clients, and the capital markets we serve, compels us to align our culture of integrity with our values, words, and actions.

“Building Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today”